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U. S. Steel Gary Works' LEAD ERG Supports School House Children’s Charity

Dec 5, 2023

U. S. Steel Gary Works' LEAD ERG Supports School House Children’s Charity

U. S. Steel’s partnership with different organizations helps support the growth of communities where the plants are located. 

Gary Works and the Midwest Plants’ partnership with School House Children’s Charity (SHCC) helps children in the area read and stay warm. This week, Gary Works Process Coordinator Leonard Matthews presented a check on behalf of U. S. Steel and Gary Works’ LEAD employee resource group to SHCC to help fulfill their mission of supporting and supplementing the basic needs of children and young people in Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

One initiative by SHCC, “Warm Coats Warm Hearts,” attempts to help more children in the Midwest stay warm with winter clothing. The coats collected are delivered to school districts where students need them most. U. S. Steel Gary Works’ recent donation supported this necessary initiative!

SHCC also connects students in kindergarten through 12th grade with the books they need to continue learning and growing. The For the Love of Reading initiative collects thousands of books each year and donates them to local school districts and families in need.

Learn more about this vital organization here: https://www.schoolhousecc.org.

Pictured above is SHCC president Brian Andreshak and Gary Works Process Coordinator Leonard Matthews.