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U. S. Steel Completes Another Successful “March to Zero” Safety Campaign

Apr 5, 2022

U. S. Steel Completes Another Successful “March to Zero” Safety Campaign

U. S. Steel’s annual “March to Zero” safety campaign just completed another highly successful run throughout the month of March. 

The focus: using our formal Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Process to identify and complete projects that would drive our already record-breaking safety performance even closer to our goal of zero incidents and injuries. 

U. S. Steel’s HIRA process empowers employees to document safety improvement opportunities based on the work they do every day.  The opportunities are then prioritized for completion and tracked to show accountability.  In addition to safety performance improvements, some of these projects generate cost savings to help our company move down the cost curve. 

During “March to Zero” 2022, 270 projects were identified and completed at 16 U. S. Steel facilities by hundreds of employees.  Projects were selected at the plant level for recognition with 16 projects nominated for the best overall project award. 

Congratulations to the following facilities and employees noted below for making the “Safe 16” and to the best overall project winners, whose team members will each get their choice of a flat-screen television, an outdoor grill, or a rolling tool chest:

  • Best project winners: Gary Works, Tin Operations
    • Project team members: Craig Minor (lead), Dan Overton, Tyler Kral, Justin Lieb, Solomon Sandifer, Kandy Porter, Randy Worthington, Kimberly Sistrunk
  • “Safe 16” Honorable Mention project teams and locations:
    • Big River Steel: Brad Belew (lead), Ray Waters, Paul Thurber, Bob Carter
    • Fairfield Tubular Operations: Craig Cone (lead), Scott Guffey, AJ Jefferson
    • Gary Works, Primary Operations: Dave Hardy (lead), Ricardo Mendoza, John Langwinski, Richard Campbell, Andy Schoon
    • Gary Works, Finishing Operations: Mid Aman (lead), Hank Andrews, Ed Schneider, Kevin Horecky, Matt Meyer, Bret Wireman, John Stalbaum, Luke Donsbach, Duke Mance
    • Granite City Works, Primary Operations: Tom Kurilla (lead), Kurt Merriman, Taylor Mekelburg, Kasey Kapp, Karl Beasley
    • Granite City Works, Finishing Operations: Greg Waters (lead), Steve Dizmang, Rich Cullen, Eddie Lance, Adam Spiroff, Steve Troeckler
    • Great Lakes Works: Bryan Parker (lead), Joe Filek, Russ Jacobs, Larry Acchione
    • Minnesota Ore Operations – Keetac: James Tarbuck (lead), Merle Etter, Mat Siekkinen, Tim Elj and Josh Johannsen
    • Minnesota Ore Operations – Minntac: Jeff Johnson (lead), Cory Hertling, Dan Hadrava, Dave Pietila, Laura Kanian
    • Mon Valley Works – Clairton Plant: Tyrone Melton (lead), Jeff Pierotti, Chris Countryman, Rob Stewart, Dan Huffine
    • Mon Valley Works – Edgar Thomson Plant: David Whewell (lead), Richard Minor, Jacob Denne, Kevin Cunningham, Dave Stockett
    • Mon Valley Works – Irvin & Fairless Plants: Phil Busi (lead) Chad Klatt, Carl Himich, Brad Miller, Matthew Rich
    • Offshore Operations Houston: Gonzalo Rios, Chris Sweeney, Jose Reynaga, Michael Murphy
    • UPI: Mike Atwood (lead), Skyler Carbonell, Charles Bell, John Passur, Mike Correa, Rodney Woodson
    • U. S. Steel Košice: Štefan Hegeduš (lead), Jozef Selucký, Ing. Jaroslav Uram, Daniel Lukáč, Michal Džubara

Watch for updates on the next safety campaign coming this summer.